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How to Enable Easy Entry in Your Tesla Model 3 and Model Y

By: Otaiba Ahsan

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Getting in and out of a car can be difficult for some. This includes older folks, those with physical ailments, and in some cases for individuals who are heavy-set. Having extra room to work with typically makes the process of getting into or out of your vehicle easier, but it can be annoying having to change your seat and steering wheel settings every time. Tesla has solved this problem with their feature, Easy Entry. Continue reading for steps on how to enable Easy Entry in your Tesla Model 3 and Model Y.

Creating a Driver Profile

Before enabling Easy Entry, you must have a driver profile. Lucky for you, we’ve created an easy guide on how to make one in your Tesla.

But what are driver profiles? Most motorists I know like to configure their seat, side mirrors and steering wheel in a certain way when they’re on the road. If you’re in a household with multiple drivers sharing the same vehicle, it can be annoying having to switch all those things each time a different person takes the wheel.

For example, in my household, there are some tall people, and some… not so tall people. As a result, there was a constant need to manually adjust car settings like seat and steering wheel placement each time there was a different driver. Once we got a Tesla, we were pleased to find a solution for these situations with driver profiles.

By creating a profile, you can set exactly where you want your seat, steering wheel, and side mirrors. It also saves your navigation, temperature, lights, and display settings as well as your Autopilot and driving preferences.

NOTE: You can connect driver profiles to individual keys. Follow this simple guide on how to link a profile to your key. It’ll help create the most personalized experience possible.

Enabling Easy Entry

Now that we have profiles out of the way, let’s talk about Easy Entry. This is a feature in Tesla’s that moves the steering wheel and driver’s seat to make it more convenient when entering and exiting your car. Any driver can enable Easy Entry by associating it with their profile.

To use Easy Entry, tap the driver profile icon, hit the account of interest and check where it says Use Easy Entry. Now every time your car is in park, it’ll automatically adjust to make it simpler for you to enter or exit the vehicle. Then when you step on the brake pedal, it’ll go back to your original driver settings.

NOTE: Make sure that the seat behind the driver is clear of any obstructions. For example, if you have a car seat back there for a baby or toddler, they could get hurt in the event that Easy Entry pushes the driver’s chair all the way back.

The Bottom Line

The steps on how to enable Easy Entry in your Tesla Model 3 and Model Y are simple. Tap the driver profile icon, touch the account you’d like to enable it for, then check Use Easy Entry. Once it’s done, enjoy the comfort of getting into and out of your car with no problem.

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