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How to put a Screen Protector on Tesla Model 3 Center Screen

Thinking of protecting your Tesla Model 3’s center screen with a screen protector? Good Idea! Check out TeslaShop’s Tempered Glass screen protector for the ultimate protection.

Let’s go over a few guidelines and steps to install your screen protector properly.

STEP 1.) You will need to put your Screen in ‘Screen Cleaning Mode’ before beginning.

STEP 2.) Use the cleaning kit provided with your Screen Protector’s packaging to clean off the dust on the screen. This is ESSENTIAL to do so that no dust gets trapped underneath the screen protector before you put it on. Use the alcohol wipe cloth and clear off any dust. Then, use the dust trap sticker in the cleaning kit to trap little particles of dust and make the screen spotless.

STEP 3.) Align the screen protector with the top edge of the screen and use masking tape to temporarily tape it into position.

STEP 4.) Once the screen protector is correctly aligned and taped into position, Start peeling off the film from the back of the screen protector. Slowly pushing the screen protector back in place and assuring the curves align up perfectly.

STEP 5.) Push out air bubbles (if any) to the edges and peel off the masking tape from the top of the screen.

STEP 6.) You are all done. Exit out of screen cleaning mode.


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How to put Tesla Model 3 into Neutral

Before entering a car wash, you probably questioned “how do I put the car in neutral?” Unlike many ICE, it is not as trivial for Model 3. Don’t worry, you are not alone. On the Model 3, you simply push down for 1 full click to get into drive, and then softly raise the stick WITHOUT clicking for a few seconds and it will shift into neutral. I hope this helps! Also, don’t forget to turn off automatic wipers before entering that car wash.