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How to Fold the Rear Seats in a Tesla Model 3 and Model Y

By: Otaiba Ahsan

Chrome Tesla Logo on a Solid Black Model. This emblem can be found on both the Model 3 and Model Y.
Chrome Tesla Emblem on a Solid Black Model

Tesla’s are known for their unique designs, minimalistic interior, and fantastic software. However, one thing that’s often overlooked with this electric car lineup is their storage capabilities. Between the frunk (front trunk) and rear trunk, which has added storage compartments, there’s plenty of cargo space – especially when the rear seats are folded. Personally, I’ve completed quite a few trips where I was able to fit small furniture and other items into my Model 3 with the seats down. Continue reading for steps on how to fold the rear seats in a Tesla Model 3 and Model Y.

Folding the Rear Seats in a Tesla Model 3 and Model Y

Both cars have a split rear seat that can fold forward. Folding them in the Tesla Model 3 and Y can be accomplished with a few simple steps:

1. Preparation: Before you put the seats down, make sure your vehicle is prepared correctly. You’ll want to clear all items from the back that could obstruct the folding of your seats. Ensure your car is in park and on a relatively flat surface to avoid things moving around.

TIP: If your driver and passenger chairs are moved all the way back, the rear seats might not fold all the way. You can adjust the front seats and move them forward by using the horizontal button on the door side. Push the button forward to move the chair up.

2. Folding the Seats: Now that the area is clear, you can proceed. You’ll see that on both sides of your rear seats, there is a lever on the top, next to the headrest. Pull this lever down and the seats will fold forward until they’re flat.

The lever to Fold Rear Seats in a Tesla Model 3 and Model Y
The lever to Fold Rear Seats in a Tesla Model 3 and Model Y

NOTE: Once you’ve folded the seats, you’ll be surprised at how much can be stored in both the Model 3 and Model Y. Of course, you’ll have more space to work with for the Model Y, but don’t underestimate its little brother! An owner of a 2021 Tesla Model 3 said they fit 15 carry-on suitcases when the seats were folded. While this heavily depends on the specific type of suitcase, it gives you an idea of the space.

3. Raising the Seats: Before putting the seats back up, make sure the belts are not trapped behind the backrest. Once you’re ready, simply pull the same lever you used when putting the seats down upward until they lock into place.

TIP: To confirm that the seats are locked in the upright position, give it a slight push forward to see if they move or not. You’ll always want to do this safety check to avoid increased risk of injury.

The Bottom Line

So, how do we fold the rear seats in a Tesla Model 3 and Model Y? Clear the area, move the front chairs forward, and pull the levers next to the headrests in the back to fold the seats. Once you’re done, double-check to see the belts aren’t trapped, and then use the same lever to pull the seats back up. The process is straightforward and adds a ton of added storage capacity for both cars.

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