Model 3 Seat Gap Inserts


A pair of two seat gap inserts for Tesla Model 3

✔ Prevent things (such as phone, pen, keys, garbage etc) from falling into the seat gap.

✔ Keeps the gap area clean from this hard to maintain area.

✔ Precise thickness to fit the Model 3 seats.

✔ Premium luxury materials to enhance the look and feel of your Model 3’s interior.

✔ Buy with Confidence, Ships from Canada.

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Top Features

Accent For Your Seats

Lychee grain black leather stitched with quality workmanship to blend in with Model 3’s interior.

model 3 seat gap insert

Close That Gap

Prevent things such as phone, pen, keys, garbage etc from falling into the Model 3 seat gap. It is designed to cover the gap completely without impacting any seat adjustments.

model 3 seat clean

Comes in a Pair

Comes in a pair for both passenger and driver side.

Tesla seat gap inserts


Model 3 seat after
Model 3 seat before


Model 3 Seat Gap Size
Parameter Value
Surface Material PU Leather
Stuffing Material Silk Cotton
Length (Single) 44 cm
Width (Single) 6.5 cm
Color Black
Weight (Single) 125g

Made for Model 3

Seat Gap model 3