Model 3 Screen Swivel Mount




Fits all models

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Top Features

Rotate in any direction

Tilt up/down or Move left/right

Rotate Tesla screen mount

Personalized Experience

No longer forced to share! Swivel the screen towards yourself for enhanced personalized experience.

Tesla Model 3 Screen Swivel

Ultimate Mount

Made with high quality materials designed to last the life of the car. Tilt up/down 15 degrees or move left or right 35 degrees as much as you want.

Tesla Model 3 Screen Swivel Rotate

Complete Kit

Comes as a full kit with everything you need for a smooth install. The kit includes the following:

    • Mounting bracket
    • Trim Pieces
    • Fasteners
    • Tools & Manual
Screen swivel Tesla Kit for model y/3

Made for Model 3

Screen swivel kit for Tesla Model y/3


Tesla screen swivel dimensions
Parameter Value
Materials Metal
Rotation Angles Up/Down 15 degrees
Left/Right 35 degrees
Rotation Force Adjustable
Compatibility All years

Installation Notes