Model 3 Cup Holder Spring Insert


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Top Features

Hold Drinks of Any Size

Secure drinks of any size and prevent spillage with spring mechanism.

Model 3 Center Console Spring Insert

Easy Installation

Simply drop it in and lock it in place. No screws or peel & stick is needed. Easy to remove for cleaning.

Model 3 Center Console Spring Insert Drop in Place

High Quality Mechanism

Build to last many years with high quality smooth spring mechanism

Model 3 Center Console Spring Insert High Quality


Model 3 Center Console Spring Insert Dimensions
Parameter Value
Materials Flock coated & ABS
Installation Self-lock
Compatibility 2021 and newer

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Daniel Raymond
Problem solved

A cup holder design that needed a fix and it does the job very well

Scott Belbin
Model Y cupholder

Works great! ll All my large cups fit perfectly.

Timothy Gibbs
Nice Addition to Stock Cupholders

The product works as advertised. The Stock cupholders seem to be set up for an XXXL Big Gulp, and not a normal drink drink or coffee cup. It seems to be made of good quality materials and I hope it will last the life of the vehicle. Looks much more OEM than a rubber or silicon insert.


Frank Schuran
Cup Holder Spring Insert

Works great and as advertised. Giddy up and get one!

Panagioti P
Cup holder insert.

How can you go wrong! These inserts click in and keep your drinks from wobbling around.
A great product.
Delivered on time and a perfect fit in the car for your drinks, coffee cups etc.
Your drink doesn't move under hard acceleration or windy roads.