Model 3 Safe Lift Jack Pads (Set of 4)




Fits all model years

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Top Features

Lift Safely

Make use of the Model 3’s chassis lift slots/points to prevent any battery damage.

model 3 jack pad chassis

High Strength

Made from made of high-strength compressed rubber for sturdy, stable and reliable lift. Rated for weight up to 3 tonnes.

model 3 jack pad lift

Set of 4

Set of 4 for all 4 lift slots/points to lift the entire car.

model 3 jack pad adapter set

Stay Prepared

Lift using your own flat saddle jack or store in your car for your own mechanic for any tires, rims or brakes maintenance.

model 3 jack pad DIY


Model 3 Jack Pads Dimensions
Parameter Value
Materials High Strength Rubber
Height 4.4 cm
Diameter 6.3 cm
Tip Height 1.5 cm
Tip diameter 2.3 cm
Weight 141 g

Customer Reviews

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Win Muehling

Arrived on time and look like they are good quality. They should work well.

Larry Yakimoski
`Jack lift pads

I leave them on the front seat and the people at Costco use them and are thankful for my having them. They work well.