Model 3 Frunk & Subtrunk Mat – 3D Extreme Performance (2021+)




Newer frunk only

Also available in a bundle:
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Top Features

3D Coverage

Carved to fit curves and corners of Model 3’s cargo space. The precise 3D fitting to provide maximum coverage.

tesla model 3 rear subtrunk mat

Minimalistic Pattern

Simplicity is the new sophistication. The abstract pattern seamlessly blends in with minimalistic overall look of Model 3.

tesla model 3 front mat


Ready for Anything!

Extreme performance material is able to withstand any dirt, debris, spills or snow that may come in contact.

model 3 frunk trunk mat heavy duty




model 3 frunk trunk mats dimensions

Material Blend of Rubber & PVC
Parcel Size 71.12 x 38.1 x 10.16 cm
Weight 1 Kg
# of Pieces 2
Fitment Frunk fits models newer than August 2020 only
Subtrunk fits all models