Model 3 Performance Plate Holder




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Top Features

Quick Snap ON & OFF

Designed to be easily removable though a quick snap center button; switch back and forth for all your performance or aesthetics needs.


Press of a Button

No screws! No headache! Simply plugin it into the center of front grill and press the center button to secure it in place.

Removable front licence plate for model 3

Performance & Aesthetics

Improve aerodynamics and aesthetics of your Model 3 with this plate holder. Now there is an alternative to existing glued front licence plate.

Removable front licence plate for model 3

Complete Set

Come with all that you may need; including four screws for the licence plate, plate holder and a special shaped screw driver.

Removable front licence plate for model 3

Made for Model 3

Designed to compliment the front aesthetics of Model 3

Model 3 mats 3D

Anti-theft Lock

Option to lock it in place with a special shaped screw driver.



front plate holder for model 3
Parameter Value
Materials High Density Plastic
Color Black
Brand Tesloid
Compatibility All models & trims