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Model 3 Frunk Luggage Bags Set




Also fits new 2021+ models

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Top Features

Bespoken for the Frunk

Custom Tailored to fit every curve and corner of the Model 3’s Frunk space. Precisely engineered and designed to utilize 100% of the Frunk’s available area.

Best Model 3 luggage bags

A pair of 2

Don’t like sharing? No problem!
Yes, that’s right. You’ll get all that space, convenience and luxury… x2.

Model 3 frunk luggage bag pair

Quality craftsmanship

Made with durable & high quality 1200D fabrics to handle maximum load. Overpack by all means!

Model 3 Frunk Luggage bags

It’s all in the details

Model 3 Floor mats 3D Spills Rating

Laptop Pocket

Model 3 Floor mats 3D Mud Rating

Dual Zippers

Model 3 Floor mats 3D Snow Rating

Shoulder Pad

What fits inside a single bag?

Model 3 luggage bag fits a lot of stuff
Model 3 luggage bag fits many items

All set for your next adventure

An impromptu road trip or air travel, you’ve got your perfect travel companion.

Model 3 Frunk Cargo Space Bags
Model 3 luggage bag easy to carry

Model 3 luggage bag weekend trip bag
Model 3 luggage bag carry in trunk


Model 3 Cargo Space Size
Parameter Value
Material 1200PU
Cargo Space 2 Cubic Feet
# of Pieces Set of 2
Fitment Select 2017-2020 for original frunk
Select 2021+ for new frunk post August 2020

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Robert Ward
Frunk Bags for The Model 3

We have used the bags several times for overnight trips, and they work perfectly. Even stuffed, they fit in the space available, and they are easy to carry, and they free up the rear of the car for guitars and other necessary items.

Peter Dawson
Great luggage set

The pair, which are made to fit into Model Y frunk, are better and larger than I expected. They gave a full zipper and carry handle. Good deal, especially since I got them half price

Great product, better customer service

Received the bags, I was satisfied in terms of build and quality and they fit perfectly in the frunk as advertised. I did have an issue where the outer fabric tore along the seam, where the shoulder strap connects to the bag (the bag was full at the time). I contacted customer service, and they immediately took care of me. Very impressed with the customer support, I would buy from Tesloid again with confidence! Still happy with these bags and we use them regularly. I would recommend that you not be aggressive or lift too hard/quickly on the shoulder strap when the bags are full (the carrying handle seems more sturdy).

Great for road trips

The bags let you know exactly what will fit up front and make full use of the space. The shoulder straps make for easy carrying. A great addition to any road trip!

Haven't had them long, but they seem quite durable.

Luggage Bags Set

Excellent product. Fits Model 3 perfectly