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Model 3 Frunk Luggage Bags Set




Also fits new 2021+ models

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Top Features

Bespoken for the Frunk

Custom Tailored to fit every curve and corner of the Model 3’s Frunk space. Precisely engineered and designed to utilize 100% of the Frunk’s available area.

Best Model 3 luggage bags

A pair of 2

Don’t like sharing? No problem!
Yes, that’s right. You’ll get all that space, convenience and luxury… x2.

Model 3 frunk luggage bag pair

Quality craftsmanship

Made with durable & high quality 1200D fabrics to handle maximum load. Overpack by all means!

Model 3 Frunk Luggage bags

It’s all in the details

Model 3 Floor mats 3D Spills Rating

Laptop Pocket

Model 3 Floor mats 3D Mud Rating

Dual Zippers

Model 3 Floor mats 3D Snow Rating

Shoulder Pad

What fits inside a single bag?

Model 3 luggage bag fits a lot of stuff
Model 3 luggage bag fits many items

All set for your next adventure

An impromptu road trip or air travel, you’ve got your perfect travel companion.

Model 3 Frunk Cargo Space Bags
Model 3 luggage bag easy to carry

Model 3 luggage bag weekend trip bag
Model 3 luggage bag carry in trunk


Model 3 Cargo Space Size
Parameter Value
Material 1200PU
Cargo Space 2 Cubic Feet
# of Pieces Set of 2
Fitment Select 2017-2020 for original frunk
Select 2021+ for new frunk post August 2020

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Julimar Gendron


Jerry Tyler
More room than expected

The construction was very good. The fit into the frunk was great. The space in each bag was more than expected. My wife and I packed 8 days of clothes in our bag with room to spare. Nice to keep the truck free from two roller suitcases.

Sherwin Bayaua
Great frunks bag.

This frunks bags are sturdy, excellent for long drive, I highly recommend.

Donald McKelvie
Great Bags

Excellent product that fit perfectly in the Frunk and allow you to make maximum use of the space. A must have for road tripping.

Jesse Gariepy
Good quality bags

These bags are well-constructed and sturdy. Would be nice if they incorporated a handle and wheels, not sure that’s possible in the space, but would be cool.