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How to delete recent Model 3 radio stations from history?

You were enjoying your time in your Tesla Model 3 and were listening to some stations that you rather keep to yourself and not leave them there for other passengers to see in your recent history. You like listening to Backstreets Boys but your love shall remain anonymous. Or you are someone who simply does’t like clutter. Now you are wondering how do I delete recent radio stations from history in my Model 3? There should be an option to quickly erase or factory reset the recent stations. Unfortunately, as of December 2020, there is no option to do so.

As of December 2020

You cannot delete recent Model 3 radio stations. You can only delete favourites.

Tesla may choose to include clear history feature in the future updates but as of today there is no option. The best way to get rid of them is to listen to more stations, one after another until they are pushed far left.

You could edit your favourites easily on the other hand. editing favourites is fairly simple. Simply hold onto the station, also known as long press, until the “X” appears on the top left. You can then click on it to remove it. Keeping favourites organized is the best you can do to keep this row clutter fee.

If Tesla is listening to this feedback, why not extend the hold and press to delete feature to the recents? I guess they may have bigger things to concentrate on : )