Model Y Snow & Mud Flaps




Fits all model years

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Top Features

Seamless Match

Model Y mud flaps look as if came with the car. Designed with automotive grade materials for a seamless look.

model Y mud flaps rear

Easy Installation

No drilling necessary! Model Y mud flaps are designed to make use of existing holes making installation and removal process a breeze!

model Y mud flaps installation

Comes as a Full Set

Set of 4 for all 4 wheels. Mounting hardware and screws are also included.

Tesla Model Y mud flaps set of four

Keep Your Model Y Clean

Save on car washes and paint damages from snow, salt, sand, rocks and other debris your wheels throw around.

Tesla Model Y mud flaps keep clean


Model Y Mud flaps description
Parameter Value
Materials Automotive ABS
Front Ground Clearance ~5.5 Inch
Rear Ground Clearance ~6.2 Inch
Weight 705 g

Installation Notes

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Julie C.
Mud flaps are a MUST for your Model 3

I only found out I needed rear mud flaps when I ran my fingers along the bottom of the wheel well and felt the damage that was done to the paint from all the small rocks on the road 😳 I’m very happy I went with these Tesloid Mud Flaps because I did a bit of research and read in forums that people needed double sided tape to keep their after market mud flaps on! These Tesloid mud flaps don’t require any tape what so ever. I originally only wanted to install the rear ones only but the quality and coverage of these after market mud flaps were so much better than the factory front ones, I installed them on the front too. They fit flush and tight to the body and they look rugged so I’m pretty sure they will last and protect my baby.

David Shestalo

Easy installation

Way nicer than factory

Gus Boetzkes
They work.

These mudflaps help keep snard lumps from forming on body panels and they look sharp.

Jennifer Villard
Mud Flaps

Excellent..easy to install and look fine

Marc Chiasson
Flap the ****

Great mud flaps keep the **** off the lower sides of your Tesla. Easy to install and they fit perfectly the first time with no modifications needed. I like the look of them. The only thing I don’t know, and I haven’t seen anyone mention, I wonder what effect they have on efficiency? I imagine it’s minimal but it would be interesting to see a test with/without to see if it’s noticeable. Great product. Does what it needs to.