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Model 3 Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors (TPMS)




Fits 2021+ Models only

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Top Features


OEM Grade

Thoughtfully engineered to provide OEM grade quality, functionality and performance.


Model 3 Y TPMS sensors

Bluetooth Enabled

No programming required. Bluetooth low energy with internal battery life of 10 years. Simply “plug and play” to communicate directly with your Model 3’s computer. See notes below regarding compatibility.

Model 3 Y TPMS Bluetooth


Set of 4

Complete set for all four wheels.

Model 3Y tire pressure monitoring sensors set



TPMS Dimensions Model 3
Material ALuminium
# of Pieces 4
Compatibility 2021 or newer Model 3s
(Compatible models have black door handles)
Battery Life 10 years
Programming Requirement None
Additional note Bluetooth enables the TPMS to connect directly to your Model Y’s computer.