Model Y Seat Gap Inserts




Fits all models

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Top Features

Accent For Your Seats

Lychee grain black leather stitched with quality workmanship to blend in with Model Y’s interior.

model Y seat gap insert

Close That Gap

Prevent things such as phone, pen, keys, garbage etc from falling into the ModelY seat gap. It is designed to cover the gap completely without impacting any seat adjustments.

model Y seat clean

Comes in a Pair

Comes in a pair for both passenger and driver side.

Tesla seat gap inserts


Model y seat after
Model y seat before


Model y Seat Gap Size
Parameter Value
Surface Material PU Leather
Stuffing Material Silk Cotton
Length (Single) 44 cm
Width (Single) 6.5 cm
Color Black
Weight (Single) 125g

Made for Model Y

Seat Gap model y