Model Y Matte Black Dash & Doors Trim Covers




Fits all models

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Top Features

Style your Dash

Hide the vener wood trim with a dash cover for more sportier look.

Dash trim matte grey

3D Material

Made with 3D ABS material to compliment the interior of your Model Y.

dashboard trim easy installation

Peel n’ Stick

Simple peel and stick installation. Adhesion is strong enough to keep it in place but at the same time allows for removal if needed.

dash board trim for model Y


Center Console wrap dimensions
Parameter Value
Materials ABS
Texture Matte Black (Dark Grey)
No. of pieces 2 for Dash
2 for Doors (Only needed on 2021+ models)
Heat-resistant? Yes

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great cost-effective upgrade

These look great should you want to downplay the wood grain look. Easy to install. They did not adhere properly the first time so Tesloid sent me some new double sided tape and that did the trick.

Great addition to interior look

Very easy to install and it looks as if it came with the car as the dash , doors and now console all match. Would buy it again.

Phillip Rauschkolb
Love it, looks so much better than the wood

Easy to install on a 2023 Model Y LR, the door trim pieces actually fit better than what is shown in the product photos, they completely hide all of the wood. A tip - take your time and really apply pressure evenly when you install the dash pieces or the ends will eventually come loose. This has happened on mine, no fault of the product I was just too eager to have it installed and didn't take the right amount of time to really stick them down. No biggie though, more 3M material can always be added later to re-stick them. It's not super noticeable to anyone but me anyway.