Model Y Frunk Trunk 3rd Row & Back Seat Mats – 3D Extreme Performance – 7 Seater




Fits 7 seater model

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Top Features

Fits Every Corner

Carved to fit curves and corners of Model Y’s cargo space. The precise three dimentional fitting ensure that they always stay in place.

tesla model Y trunk mat

Optimized for Third Row

An ideal solution for the 7 seater models, providing ample protection for the third row foot area and the backseat when seat is folded down.

tesla model Y front frunk mat

Extreme Performance Material

Carry anything or anyone in your cargo space without worrying about dirt, debris, spills or even snow.

model Y trunk mat heavy duty

A Complete 6 Piece Set

Set of mats for all possible cargo areas of your Model Y

Model Y frunk mat


Frunk Mat

Model Y Subtrunk mat


Subtrunk Mat

Model Y third Row Seat Mat


Third Row Floor Mat

Model Y 7 seater trunk mat


Trunk Mat

Model Y 7 seater trunk mat

#5 & #6

Third Row Back Seat Mats


model Y frunk trunk mats dimensions
Parameter Value
Material TPE
Parcel Size 115 x 63 x 10 cm
Weight 3.5 Kg
# of Pieces Full Set of 6
Compatibility 7 seater model only